Dallas Outdoor Entertainment Systems, Speakers

This is where Outdoors Improved truly has no equal. Other outdoor improvement companies might specialize in kitchens but they only try to understand this category and fail to execute. Only Outdoors Improved understands how to properly design, install and integrate these systems and you can do as much or as little as you would like.

Outdoor systems in Dallas range from simple outdoor audio controlled from your phone or tablet to elaborate outdoor theater experiences in full surround sound. There are also hidden landscape speakers with in ground subwoofers. These systems rival what you would hear at the pool of a 5 star hotel in Las Vegas. We have many of them and even a demo for you to hear so you can experience real outdoor audio and it’s capabilities.

Outdoor theater in Dallas is also a real possibility. Outdoor theater can range anywhere from a Large TV in your outdoor kitchen to an outdoor sports bar theme. There are also outdoor systems that include huge screens you can view across your pool with temperature controlled projector housings for outdoor family movie night. If you can dream it….or even if you can’t…We can assist in creating perfection in your yard.

Outdoor Entertainment System